About Us

In the domain of IT systems, solutions and infra services, BLUEMAX, a proficient business entity, have carved out a niche for itself by enabling companies to ensure complete optimization, security and support for their exquisite infrastructure. Computing and communication solutions are some of the explicit services offered by this company. The services outsourced by BLUEMAX are extremely essential for the process of planning, installation and configuration of data transmission networks of all scales. BLUEMAX, established in 1995, also facilitates the exchange of information among computer networks using the latest methods of data transmission. BLUEMAX has become a boon for IT organizations because it helps them to reduce costs, increase potential and manage risks in the data center by providing special services such as professional consultancy, integration, support and extremely high quality customer service.

The Desai family, which has carved out its niche in the manufacturing industry, is the reason why BLUEMAX came into existence. After functioning successfully in the manufacturing industry, this family entered the service industry with BLUEMAX.

Our Services

  • IT Education – Services related to education in the field of Information Technology.
  • Computer Hardware – Services related to servers, data centers. Computers, switches, routers, hubs etc.
  • Software Solutions – Services related to customer relationship management, productivity applications, enterprise resource planning etc.
  • Business Process Outsourcing – Services related to all types of outsourcing.
  • Turnkey Projects

In today’s competitive era, BLUEMAX stands out of the lot with the excellence of the services it provides. Our major focus is on customer’s needs so that we can convert every need into a product. We believe in embracing change and initiating opportunities.

We strive for growth, innovation and excellence!!!